Cosmetic Eyebrow tattooing, or Semi – Permanent Make Up eyebrow is a procedure, that has grown more popular in the last decade. This provides an alternative to traditional daily make up. The demand for eyebrow tattooing is due to both males and females searching for the perfect “Glam Lookˮ. Eyebrow tattooing is when a micro pigmentation is deposited into the skin, to transform undefined or sparse eyebrows into beautiful brows, using the soft powdered or 3D technique.

What to Expect

The consultation prior to the procedure (this is usually on the same day) is used to discuss the shape of your brows, and to choose the colour best suited for your skin type and colouring. The next step is to create your perfect eyebrows adjustments and measurements are made until you are fully satisfied with the shape. The procedure itself is not painful but Anaesthetic creams are used throughout the treatment to keep it comfortable. The treated area will appear darker after the treatment, but will lighten and soften over a few days.

Important facts

Some itching and flacking is normal but DO NOT pick or scratch the treated area at any time, as this may result in the area healing unevenly. Avoid the sun, tanning beds, saunas, salt water or chlorinated pools. Keep the area dry when showering and washing your hair. Use only the ointment provided on the treated areas.

48–72 hours following the procedure

After the procedure, if the area is a bit swollen, apply an ice pack with a cloth to reduce the swelling. As the treated area starts to heal slight itching and micro scabbing (dryness or flacking) usually occurs.

After care Routine after the procedure

Wash the area with a gentle cleanser but avoid rubbing it whilst washing. Gently dry the area with a tissue.  Apply the aftercare ointment liberally three times a day on clean eyebrows and use a cotton tip to avoid cross contamination. After care should be used for at least 2 weeks or until the treated area has returned to normal.

Proper care after the procedure is necessary to achieve best results. After care advice and ointment is provided.

Amiea Sense

The Amiea Sense machine, used to perform the eyebrow tattoo, is a highly perfected micro pigmentation device, that offers the patented Sensi Drive® technology which measures the skin ̍s resistance and adapts the needle frequency accordingly. Using the Amiea Sense machine, and sterile packed needle cartridges, micro pigmentation, or Ion Oxide pigment(ink), suited to your skin tone, is deposited into the skin to ensure optimal results.

Other procedures that are done are as follows; eyeliner, to define your eyes or create a dramatic look. Lip liner or full lip colour, will allow you to redefine your lips, often due to colour loss and aging, creating a fuller pout.

Commonly Asked Questions;

Do I have to remove the hair on my eyebrows prior to procedure?
It is advisable to leave the hairs, as is as this gives the Semi Permanent Make Up Technician a good guide of your own natural arches, to create the perfect brow.
How soon can I apply Makeup over the area, after the Procedure?
It is advisable to avoid applying ANY makeup on the treated area, to ensure the healing process this varies between 7 to 14 days. Foundation or powder maybe be applied on the rest of the skin 72 hours after the procedure.
I have lost the shape of my eyebrows, can I have a permanent eyebrow shape done?
With age the eyebrows naturally become sparse, and when the brows are thinned out with waxing and threading, you are often left with hardly any hairs or eyebrow shape. Semi-Permanent make up / eyebrow tattooing is definitely the answer to recreate the lost shape of your eyebrows.
Will the Eyebrow Semi Permanent make up make me look younger?
The eyebrows define your face and by creating an eyebrow that suits your face and eyes will give you a youthful look again.

Treatment costs;


Transform undefined or sparse eyebrows into the Beautiful Brows using pigment suitable for your skin tone. Price includes one touch up within 4 to 6 weeks, following the first procedure.

  • Full Fill/Soft Powdered or 3D Hair Strokes £330


  • Within 12 Months £110
  • Within 12- 18 Months £185 – £210
  • 18 Months Plus – Price on Assessment