Skin Care


Modified for exclusive use at home, you can now supply your skin with microencapsulated oxygen and concentrated active ingredients, reduce lines and pigmentation irregularities and give your skin a fresh look, whenever and wherever you like. You apply the preparations especially developed for use with the pulsed pressure method and push them in with defined pressure shots – gentle,effective and safe! Due to the greatly accelerated penetration of the ”infused“ preparations, you can build up a deposit of active ingredients in your skin which optimises their benefits and effectiveness.

Absolute Effects

Everybody’s skin has individual needs and requires an individual skincare regime. Sometimes it is not enough to apply “normal” creams and lotions in order to improve your skin to make it feel and look good.


Is the name of the secret which makes gently disappear the famous wrinkles of Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and renowned German actresses. “Daily Mirror” and many other magazines have reported on it. “Crows feet” in the eye area, furrows on the forehead and decreasing elasticity of the skin let us appear tired and older than we actually are.


The rapid menopausal decrease of estrogen significantly contributes to the hormonal skin aging. By the use of corresponding estrogen hormone creams thickness and elasticity of the skin can be improved, and also skin dryness as well as wrinkle depth can be reduced.


Slimmer women are the first to show the signs over the years when the subcutaneous adipose tissue degenerates and this causes a decisive change to the face’s form and expression. The lips lose there volume, the face seems to become smaller and bonier and the contours begin to sag. It is simply the plumpness missing which makes the skin appear tight and smooth.

Nora Bode Specials

Sometimes your skin needs some support in order to look fresh and healthy. Horny skin cells, bad blood circulation or simply the decreased activity of cell division of mature skin make the complexion appear dull and pale. After the removal of the upper horny layers skin can absorbe active cosmetic ingredients much better and immediately appears fresh and smooth.